Zuta-Core Team

Erez Freibach  Zuta-Core Team

Erez Freibach

CEO, Co-founder
Board Chairman  

Erez has over 20 years executive and business development experience in high technology companies in Israel and worldwide.

Tal Parnes  Zuta-Core Team

Tal Parnes

COO, Co-founder
Board Member

Tal has over 20 years experience in managerial positions in start-ups and leading high-technology companies (Printlife, 3COM).

Nahshon Eadelson  Zuta-Core Team

Nahshon Eadelson

CTO, Co-founder

Nahshon is a liquid and gas flow expert. He is also a serial inventor with related patents in agriculture and industry. Nahshon is a globally-recognized expert in the design and implementation of drip irrigation systems.

Gal Baraf  Zuta-Core Team

Gal Baraf

VP of SW Design

Gal has 20 years experience in software development and embedded software product design. He was the 25th employee at Microsoft's first R&D center outside the United States.

team itai  Zuta-Core Team

Itai Rosenfeld

Board Member

Itai has over 15 years of managerial experience leading development and product groups, including over 20 years with Applied Materials where in the last 5 years served as the General Manager, Business Unit Head and President of Applied Material Israel.