Vacuum Based Contact Cooling

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Breaking The Heat Barrier

Zuta-Core has developed an innovative technological solution for cooling electronics, enabling greater computing power.

Significant Power Saving

VBCC™ uses less than one-sixth of the power compared to air-cooling and half the power compared to water-cooling.

Safe and Reliable

VBCC™ coolant is dielectric, non-toxic and non-flammable. The coolant is ozone-friendly and does not contribute to global warming. The system is redundant and hot swappable.

Simple and Efficient

VBCC™ components’ small size enables all Xeon servers to fit 1U dimensions with 50% higher server density. Installation and maintenance are simple, safe and straightforward.

More Effective Than Water-Cooling
More Effective Than Air-Cooling
More Computing Power

Risk of damaging the server